Monday, March 10, 2014

Paper Dolls Their History and How to Make Them

Here are some pages from the book "Paper Dolls, Their History and How to Make Them" by the author Edith Flack Ackley. This book was published by Storks in 1939.  The book is 107 pages long with a section on the history of paper dolls and instructions on how to make your own.  There are drawings to help.  This book is out of print but can be found for purchase on the internet.  The drawings in the book are by Telka Ackley.


  1. I really enjoyed seeing this. Thank your very much for
    sharing it.


  2. Thanks for sharing this portion of the book with us. It's truly priceless to have this available to read on your blog. Just checking on Amazon and not going any further, price of the book starts at $60. With that in mind, I'm glad you shared it with us and I didn't have to shell out that kind of money, hehe.