Saturday, March 1, 2014

PaperDoll Review

Dixie Dugan

Bruce Patrick Jones

Paperdoll Review is a publication by  the same people who make OPDAG Paper Doll Studio magazine. Unlike Paper Doll Studios, the magazine does not focus on original paper doll art, rather vintage paper dolls. This is Issue 17 from Fall 1999. Each Issue has a theme, this issue was WWII.  This issue is black and white with a color cover. Newer issues are all color. They can be purchased in Subscription form (4 a year) or individual back issues.  Paperdoll Review Magazine for Sale

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  1. I'm a current subscriber to both Paper Doll Studio & Paperdoll Review, only Paper Doll Studio is all in color. Paperdoll Review is still black & white with a color cover and color "play page". I wish they were all in color though, some sets look like they must be intensely gorgeous in color.