Saturday, June 28, 2014

Bowtastic and Bowtiful Designs (Convention Raffle Prize)

Here is a doll I designed for the 2014 National Paper Doll Convention raffle prize.  The convention is going on now June 25th through the 29th in Richmond, VA.  Due to tight budgeting, I cannot attend the convention this year.  I decided to do a doll with a bow theme and mostly mix and match outfits.  I wanted to make more pages and I may add to her wardrobe in the future, but the deadline creeped up on me.  I made the doll and clothing with Adobe Photoshop CS5.  She has four pages of clothing with 8 hairstyles, 7 pairs of shoes, 8 purses, 6 dresses, 9 tops and 9 bottoms.  The doll has an anime inspiration.  I will be posting less this month and the next few months.  Why does this say sample?  I may expand this set and have it for sale one day...  The convention raffle prize is signed by me and will be the only one ever signed.  THIS DOLL IS NOW FOR SALE (download) ON MY ETSY SHOP!

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