Friday, March 13, 2015

Project Ideas

Here are some of my project ideas.  Most of these are not even started!

1.  12 Month Calendar with 12 dolls (Jan, Valentine, March, April, May, June, Julie, Augustina, Stephine, Octavia, Autumn, Noel)with 365 pieces of clothing and accessories that are interchangeable with each doll

2. Alphabet Book
A- Alice- Apron, Apple, Apricot (color)
B- Bonnie- Bonnet, blue, birds
C- Candice- Coat, Carrots, Coral (color)
D- Diane- Dress, Daisies, Denim

3. Past OPDAG Themes

 4. Magical Girl

5. Greeting Cards


In Progress Projects:

Lolita Paper Doll

Polly Pocket

Princess Ruby Rose Jewelheart


June Bride

Little Girls with Dolls

Any ideas for future paper dolls?  Any projects you haven't started but want to?  Let me know! 


  1. I love your calendar idea, but I can't imagine trying to draw 365 pieces for any paper doll set. :) I wonder sometimes if I would not be better off converting my own blog from a "paper doll set two days a week" to something more like a paper doll outfit everyday. I really do contemplate it sometimes.

    1. 365 pieces would included everything, hats, shoes, purses, little accessories like Mary Engelbreit (sp) does. I was inspired by Queen Holden's old sets as well. My old Lucy paper doll
      ended up with lots of pages and items.