Sunday, July 26, 2015

Bridal Design Then and Now

scalop flower dress

purple star flower dress

blue pearl dress

removed shoes

red heart dress

blue/purple dress (with sailor moon tiara?)

kimono inspired gown

red bow dress

blue suit with cute boots

blue flower dress

poncho dress

Do you recall the set  Well while sorting through paper doll stuff  I came across some wedding dresses I designed as a child for the paper doll.  The set came out in 1993 but I think I got it a few years after that.  I would have been 5 when it was originally published.  I posted the orignal designs and color and redesigns in black and white (I may color later).  I may also do new designs for the doll to see how much my design ability has grown over the years.  Do you have any childhood paper dolls?  Try to recreate them with modern tools and talent.  It's a fun project.  Base doll from the talented artist Tom Tierney.

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  1. I do have paper doll sets that I created years ago. I'm updating them now. Some I've changed the faces on and some I've left the same as I like the original face just the way it is. One I did was a centaurette. Didn't like the face or horse body so changed both. :)