Monday, July 27, 2015

Katy Keene Dress Up

For whatever reason, I can't seem to embed this game onto the blog so just play it on DA

Art is by Bill Wogan.  Character is by Bill Wogan.  I simple transformed into a dress up game. some outfits are less detailed then others because images used were smaller in scale. paper dolls used were found on pinterest.

I may do another Katy Keene as well as other dress up paper dolls in the future.


  1. Loved it! I hope you will do more Kiss dolls like this one. You can use my high resolution images from my Flickr page. I had every single Katy Keene comic (1-62), all the Pinup Parades, Annuals, Fashion Books and quite a few of the other miscellaneous comics she appeared in. I'm slowly uploading them all onto my Flickr page. I want to do a doll featuring each pose then every single costume created for that particular doll and eventually upload them to my blog.

    1. I'm currently working on a second game with a different pose. This one I am going to try to incorporate more options, likes shoes, hats, and accessories as well as mix and match outfits.