Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Robert Best Barbie Paper Doll

Here's a little project I finished.  This is a Robert Best Barbie paper doll.  I used Robert Best's lovely Barbie designs and sketches to create a wardrobe for his basic Barbie doll.  The art is by Robert Best and I do not claim it as my own.  I only transformed the art into a new paper doll.  Mattel owns the rights to Barbie.  This paper doll has five pages which includes 18 lovely outfits.  All of the outfits have been edited from the orignal designs and shapes to fit the doll.  This doll is not for sale in any way since the artwork I used to create it is not my own.  I am not intending to infringe on any copyright by creating this doll.  I simply wanted to take art from an artist I admire and adapt it into a paper doll format.

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