Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Magic Stay-On Dresses Suzie

Here is a very cute doll named Suzie from the Magic Stay-On Dresses line.  This doll would have come in a box with crayons.  It is not complete and is missing some of the dresses that would be colored.  The clothing is slick and is supposed to magically 'stick' to the doll.  I can't really get them to stay at all. :p  I have 18 full color outfits, 4 hats, one lonely shoe and 2 colored outfits.  This set was produced by Whitman, I can't find an exact date but 1950s era.


  1. Oh my Gosh!!! I had this set... I forgot all about it until you showed it. I was born in 1954 but I am thinking I remember it about 1960 maybe. Yes it was like a laminated doll and the clothes didn't have tabs they stuck and if you found them "not" sticking you would rub them on your pants leg to build up the static electricity and they would grab on. It seems to me that they curled up on the edges over time but yep you are about right on the timeline.

  2. I did find a listing... it is exactly the same one and it says 1961. Which made me about 6 and close to what I remember. Here is the link for you to see it. It was part of a set and I can't remember if I got it for my birthday in June or for a Christmas gift from my Granny.

    1. Thanks Ruth. This set is in an individual box set as well. I didn't think to try static cling.