Friday, July 1, 2016

Quick 4th of July paper doll

A very quickly done paper doll for the 4th of July.  Her hair reminded me of Pinkie Pie from my little pony, so it's pink.  She has three patriotic outfits. 

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  1. Oh how cute is she? Perfect for a little gal to enjoy on the 4th under the shade tree. Hey sweet friend, first I didn't get to do the project for Christmas with the dolls for the Woman's and Children's shelter, maybe next year. Also I wanted to vote for your "Go Fund Me"... it had an other comment but didn't offer a way to comment. I am on disability but of COURSE I will be glad to but I can't do a lot. BUT I might be able to do a little a couple of times is there a time limit on how long you can leave that up? You KNOW I got your back... you had mine at Christmas to help the youth in the homeless shelter! This year we WILL make a difference. I hope perhaps some of your other members will do the same and get word out about you and your amazing talent!