Thursday, August 4, 2016

Dolly Dingle's Mother and Father

August 1918

July 1918
Show above are Dolly Dingle's Mother And Father.  Her mother has two outfits and 1 hat, including a lovely nursing costume.  Her father has two outfits and two hats, both military uniforms.  Both dolls were drawn by Grace G Drayton and published in the Pictorial Review.  Both sets were printed in 1918.


  1. I love these! Thanks for posting!

  2. This is a wonderful set capturing a piece of history and providing the mindset of how children were introduced to the war time. I really enjoy period artwork that tells a story.

  3. Two interesting things about these paper dolls: They are the ONLY time we see Dolly's mother and father. Also, the father is smoking a cigarette. It's so 1910s, I just love it.