Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Barbie Sparkling Paper Doll Activity

2 dresses, purple and pink, 3 tops, pink and green and 2 skirts light and dark blue

front of the box, Barbie is behind a plastic see through cutout

Barbie, wearing pink dress with orange sandles

15 purses,2 tops orange red and teal, 1 skirt in pink

2 dresses, pink and reddish orange, 2 skirts pink and dark pink, 3 tops red/orange and purple

Christie?  wearing blue with yellow/green neon shoes

2 dress red and blue, 2 skirts pink and purple, 2 tops dark red and light pink

Teresa? wearing purple with red shoes
This box set of paper dolls includes 3 Barbie characters with magnetic outfits.  The outfits each have magnetic squares attached to the back of the clothing. The clothing punches out and does not need to be cut.  The dolls are pre-cut thick cardboard.  The outfits have a glitter foil on the details.  This product was made by Tara Toy Corp with licensing from Mattel and is ©2011.  I did not scan the stands because they are white and did not show up very well.  The dolls cannot share outfits, which was disappointing design.  There are 4 pages of clothing, 1 for each doll and an extra with lots of purses.

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