Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Paper Doll Collaberation Project Occupations

For the month of May the theme was Occupations. of course I had to choose librarian, since I work at a library!  However, I always imagine librarians in cardigans with pencil skirts and scarfs, though none of my co-workers dress like that!  Also, a stylish and witty book bag, and fun decorative pins.  First time I've ever drawn glasses, I believe!  For the other costume I decided to go with nurse scrubs. I imagine them in the traditional blue/green color however would be easy to add some fun print or color.

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  1. ah! now i'm really glad i didn't do a librarian! is there a correlation between librarians and paper dolls (as there seems to be with knitting?). i love too, how we all work at different types of library jobs as well. love that you did a nurse also! extra points! : D

    1. Thank you very much! When I went to the convention there were lots of former teachers and nurses that were there but maybe librarians too!

  2. Actually, I do wear a lot of cardigans and pencil skirts, I confess. :) I love these both. They're really wonderful.