Friday, June 30, 2017

Mythical Creatures


Alright done with that...

This month's theme for the Paper Doll Collaboration Project was Mythical Creatures.  My first thought was Lamia, since I've been reading/watching the anime Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls.  Please note before you look it up, it is NOT the most appropriate series in the world!  Anyway, a Lamia is a Greek inspired myth where one of Zeus's poor girlfriends (named Lamia) gets turned into a child-eating monster by the jealous Hera.  She's not always a half snake lady, but that seems to be the most popular depiction.  Also, she can never close her eyes, poor thing!  A Naga is a religious deity linked with Indian religion such as Buddhism and Hinduism, that can take the form of a 'very great snake' usually a cobra.  Sometimes they are part-snake, part human and sometimes they are just snakes depending on the tale.  Naga show up in other cultures as well.  Gorgon's hardly need any introduction, since they are the most well known with Medusa being the most popular.  Another Greek myth, these creatures differ in appearance as well over different myths but usually thought of having snake hair and turn people to stone if they look at them.  I made the snake hair a little more playful and cartoonist, inspired by Monster High.  Kinda looks like brains from far away, now that I see it smaller on the screen. Wow, I think that's the most I've ever written on this blog!

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  1. oh this is sooo cool! i love the two head choices (the naga especially). what a great fun choice! : D

  2. I love your Naga/Lamia. What a neat idea. The "hint" of scales is a great way to keep it from becoming too cluttered.

  3. Very cool! I never would have thought of this. Love it!