Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Barbie Christmas Charm

This may be one of my favorite Barbie paper dolls ever.  This four page magazine doll is from the Barbie Bazaar Magazine December Issue 1988 (Year and month I was born).  This paper doll is beautiful rendered by Barb Rausch.  Barb Rausch drew the Barbie comic books as well.  The pages include a very classic Barbie and her little sister Skipper along with 3 outfits for skipper and 4 outfits for barbie.  Also an adorably tiny barbie doll with 4 classic outfits.  Most of the outfits feature red and pink colors, all are labeled with the number of the outfit, except the Santa costume, which is not a real Barbie dress, but thrown in for fun (very Katy Keene).  The pages are decorated with extra presents and fun Christmas ornament edge.  I've already started seeing whispers of Christmas in stores, so I decided to share this early.

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