Friday, September 29, 2017

Outfits from the Year We Graduated

The month's theme for the Collaboration Project was Outfits from the Year we Graduated, so in my case, 2007.  I choose to draw outfits I actually wore my senior year, including my prom dress.  Don't get too impressed by the lace, though, I just used a Photoshop brush to get the effect.  The Cookie Monster T-shirt is a top I still have to this day and wear on occasion.  I liked to pair it with carpi pants that had a pleat/seam on the front of the legs when I was younger. This year was my 10 year high school reunion.  I didn't go, too busy going back to collage.  Also too much money!  They wanted like $55 a person, no thanks.

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  1. I don't think much could get me to a high school reunion, to tell you the truth. :) I love the prom dress, it's beautiful.

  2. hahaha ~ i have never been to any of my reunions (and i'm apparently the oldest one of our bunch--didn't know that!).

    love the cookie monster shirt! and the little reticule for the prom dress! : D

  3. I went to a reunion once. Probably won't go again.... 2007 is the year I got married :) And I agree - the dress is nice.