Sunday, October 29, 2017

Inktober Witch Continued

More costumes for the Inktober witch.  Can you believe this month is almost over!? So Oct 14 was space them, I went with a retro future look. Oct 15 was royal, I did a Victorian inspired queen. Oct 16th was beast master. I designed an animal skin costume along with a wolf head dress.  I thought about skin-walkers, those who become the animal.  Oct 17 was Necromancer, so I did some skulls and bones. And last on that page was Music, which i don't love, based on a majorette costume.

The second page has Tech witch, I was inspired by Mech suits and included some solar panels. Oct 20 was mermaid, petty fish design... Oct 21 was Potion Brewer, I did a variation on my merchant witch.  Oct 22 was Knight witch, so suit of fantasy armor.  Finally, Oct 23 was magical girl... which I want to redo. I don't like that design at all.  Forgot to add shading to this page too.

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