Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Quick Halloween Paper Doll

During the weekend I had a yard sale at my house.  Didn't get a lot of traffic or make much money, but I did had out a few sheets of the doll above.  This Halloween themed paper doll was drawn in a day.  She has 4 costumes, a princess, a witch, a fairy, and Arabian princess like Jasmine (or a genie).  She has a witch hat with wig, a princess crown with wig and a hair jewel to match the Arabian outfit.  Her base costume is a Wonder Woman super hero inspired suit.  I have like 4 colored versions of this, since I had not much to do while sitting around at my yard sale.  I'll post those later.  Maybe if I get time, I will do a boy as well to hand out at Halloween.  But it's also Inktober and I'm trying to keep up with that.

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