Friday, January 19, 2018


A later Jane Arden Newspaper doll this one is dated 6-8-1957.  She has one outfits, which I would wear today! 


  1. Totally love this and to be honest (cos I am like almost 64) if I were younger I would be so into cosplay. With a couple of modifications and some accompanying props this would fit nicely into that world. I am a seventh generation seamstress and tailor (although I didn't do it professionally much as did those before me, I learned it anyway) and I would have had a ball catering and running a business solely on cosplay needs. When this paper doll came out I was only 3 years and 7 days old!!! BUT my Mom saved all those type of paper dolls in a shoe box and when I was 6 she gave them to me for my birthday. I spent the most awesome summer that year learning to quilt and playing with paper dolls. So there you have Pastor Ruth's paper doll story. Sadly I have none of them left. Lost to a hurricane along with other timeless things. But I REMEMBER this doll. Thank you for those memories that you so often bring back and keep alive in my "little girl" heart!

    1. Ruth,
      What a wonderful story, Thanks so much for sharing. My mom also put away paper dolls for me as gifts.