Monday, January 29, 2018

Joan Walsh Children's Pages Valentines




Feb 1991

Feb 1990

Feb 1989


Feb 1979

Feb 1981

Feb 1982

Feb 1984

Feb 1985
Here is a collection of pages from Good Housekeeping Magazine featuring work by the artist Joan Walsh Anglund.  I wasn't sure if I've posted any of these before, so some may be duplicates from previous posts.  These are all from February and feature a Valentine's theme.  A few of these Children's Pages I don't know the exact date of, only the copyright date. These pages feature cut out Valentines and adorable figures. One even has puppets!  I have a few sheets with paper dolls that I will at post later date.


  1. I remember getting Valentine's cards similar to these out of magazines to use in our school swaps. Of course now they don't do them anymore but good times and good memories for the most part! Yes - there were mean girls way back when. *sigh*

  2. These are darling! Thanks for sharing. I just love them.