Saturday, January 20, 2018

More School Projects

movie poster

skateboard decks
So these are the last three projects I did for my computer graphic class last semester (not including a portfolio project, which was just a document with all the projects we did throughout the class).  The top is a watch drawn in Adobe Illustrator.  It is based on two real watches (the band from one and the face from another).  The second is a movie poster.  I changed it a bit after class based on feedback received in peer review.  For this project we had to come up with a basic concept for the movie.  My movie, titled "Divided" is a near future sci-fi drama starting Scarlett Johansson as dual roles.  The movie focuses on a pair of twin sisters, (Piper and Pepper) who find out one of them is a clone, but do not know which one. Each woman then questions what it means to be human, ect...  And plot twist... It turns out both of them are clones and the orignal died during the experiment and many other copies exist, ect.  The tag line is "A secret brought then together... now it will tear them apart."  I imagine it will also have Natalie Portman as a scientist and Tom Hiddleston as a love interest.  The direct I put on the poster is Nacho Vigalongo, whose done a few movies and I would love to see a sci-fi movie by him.  The last picture is a three part assignment, which we had to use Photoshop, Illustrator and a combination of both to make a set of three coordinating skateboard decks.  The first deck is all Photoshop.  The second is all Illustrator.  And the last is both programs.  I tried to design the boards to look good upside down, since skateboards often get flipped around.  My theme was a broken ball joint doll who is turning into crystals.

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  1. You rocked this!!! I love SciFi so the story line was in itself intriguing. The watch - well let's just say I would wear it in a heartbeat if I could afford it. Being a fan of Steampunk there is enough of an edge to the ball joint doll to almost cross over into that genre and I love the crystals. There is a cake shop over in your neck of the woods that are doing cakes with the crystals bursting out of them. Fascinating concept and was on Las Vegas Cakes last week. It must be gratifying to carry your passion (dolls) into the class and to see where it will carry you. LOL I know old lady and all that... still I have great admiration for your work.