Monday, February 26, 2018

Tillie the Toiler

This newspaper panel of Tillie the Toiler is dated 7-28-1935 and features 2 long dresses and a hat.  Tillie the Toiler Fashion Parade created by Russ Westover and the doll and outfits are from Ruth Bennett.  I like the back view included for the green dress. 

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  1. I like the "Art Deco" bows on the polka dot gown. Carrying a touch of the 20's recovery from WWI and about to enter WWII. I grew up in FL and remember the Art Deco buildings being just amazing and seeing a few dresses from when the stars would all go there for the winter. They are working hard to preserve them (the buildings) as historical buildings in both Miami and Palm Beach. It would be great if they could reference some of these old paper dolls and perhaps remake some of the styles like this polka dot dress to showcase in the renovated buildings.