Tuesday, January 29, 2013

bootleg toys and dress a doll compention

Hey everyone!  Here's something different.  A few pictures of bootleg toys I've found in stores (Big Lots mostly)

Generic Princess Doll

Real Stardoll
Real Stardoll

Collection Doll Fashion (stardoll copy)

Back of box using Stardoll pictures with different heads

stardoll copy

Stadoll copy
back of package
Bomb Vehicle King BK Transformers Copy

Power Change Speed Robots
back of package

Surprised that Big Lots has TWO kinds of Transformer bootleg toys.

Aslo found a new line of Bratzillaz in the stores, which I thought were bootleg at first (oops!) They are a 'basic' line without the joints and painted eyes instead of insert eyes.

In other news, I am considering started a monthly (or weekly) fashion design contest.  The idea is still in the works.  Basically, at the beginning of each month/week I will post a doll base.  I will give a brief description of the character and guide lines... You would design an outfit for the doll either drawn or using photos of fashion (polyvorr) then using any photo sharing site you wish (facebook/pintreset/flicker/picasawebs/webshots/tumblr/) you would post a link to your entry.  I don't want to ask for an email since I know not everyone is confident giving their email addresses out.  At the end of the contest period, I will choose 2-3 winners and draw the costumes they designed for the doll and give credit.  This would be like the old comic periodicals like Boots/Tillie/Kat Keene where people send in their design ideas.

Would you be intrested in a contest like that?  Let me know! Also a new poll will be up regarding this.

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  1. Hi, just found your blog while searching for vintage paper doll scans! My daughter has a "bootleg" Barbie she won at a local pizza joint. All I can figure is that a lot of these knock off toys are made from molds that companies like Mattel discontinued and sold off. It reminds me when I started getting back into Jem and the Holograms (ah, nostalgia), I read that after the Jem line was no more, dolls looking like her and the Holograms appeared on the market in generic wrappings. Turns out the molds were sold and any corresponding parts were sold to manufacturers as well to get rid of deadstock. Keep posting more scans! This is a great blog!