Tuesday, January 8, 2013


I thought I would share some of the projects I am working on and some I have planned for the future.  Don't expect anything quickly, because I work super slow... Also, please no stealing my ideas! lol

1. Lalaloopsy paper doll
Status: In Progress
So far I've done a base. The first dolls I've finished were Charlotte Charades (one of my favorites) and Peanut Big Top for the OPDAG Circus theme (Peanut is a clown, Charlotte is a mime).   Right now I am going through the dolls with pigtail hair and have finished Mittens Fluff N' Stuff, Pepper Pots N' Pans, and Spot Splatter Splash.  I am currently working on Berry Jars N' Jams.  I do not plan on posting any dolls until OPDAG Circus has come out and I have more of the characters done.  After I am done with the pigtail girls, I will do the curly haired, then the unusual hair styles.  I will do the lalaloopsy mini dolls last. Then I will start a Lalaloopsy Littles and Lalaoopsie paper dolls as well.  If I can get my boyfriend/fiance to commit, I might also work on a Laloopsy Dress-Up Maker Flash game with him doing the coding.  Don't expect a dress-up game until like 2016 or something because he procrastinates more then I do!

2. Rose Paper Doll
Status: In Progress
So far I've done the line art, the base, and 27 pages of clothes! I am currently working on coloring, using chalk pastels.  I might also color it in Photoshop.  I plan on posting the black and white set but might try to sell the colored version.  All the outfits are based on drawings, so I will post those too.  Wait, who is Princess Rose?  She is my imaginary friend from when I was a child!
example of Princess Rose
3. Maxine and Mable paper doll
Status: In Progress
I've done all the line art, needs to be cleaned up and colored.  This set will be free because the bases were from a 1920's set called Press Board Dolls and Their Clothes.  I have the doll base and a doll without a head so I decided to draw my own outfits for them.The Dolls are named after my grandmothers.
Base used
3. Vintage Polly Pocket Paper Doll
Status: Sorta started?
I would like the do a Polly Pocket paper doll inspired by the vintage Polly Pockets.  I only have a base right now and I'm not 100% happy with it.  Also, lots of references thanks to Only Polly Pocket.com

4. Mrs. Frizzle Paper doll
Status: Not Started
I would really like to do a Mrs. Frizzle paper doll from the Magic School Bus series.  So far I've only gathered references and would like to get a few more by checking out the movies and books from the library.
I think this post is long enough!  I will post more project ideas in the next post! 

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  1. I hope you keep with lalaloopsy ppaper dolls project! I printed some of these & are to beautiful! Love it!