Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Projects Part 2

So I didn't finish my list of project ideas.  Here are some more things I am working or will be eventually working on in the future.

6. Joan Blondell
Progress: None yet
So I was on the Paper doll Bulletin board and I noticed someone asking around for a Joan Blondell paper doll.  To my surprise, I don't think there is one!  so I decided to work on one.  So far I've only gathered refrences.  I don't know much about Joan but I think she is quite lovely.
7. June Bride paper doll
Progress: Almost done?
June Bride is my water color paper doll I designed for OPDAG's wedding theme.  I've done 6 pages and plan on doing a few more.  The pages are too big for my scanner.  I plan on selling this set at some point so previews only.

8. Child paper doll aka 8 dolls
Progess: Bases done, 1 page done, 1 page in progress
I plan on continuing my 8 paper doll project that I did for the holidays.  Very slow progress but a pretty simple doll.  Will be free.

9. Thumbelina Paper Doll
Progress: None yet
I plan on doing a Thumblina paper doll inspired by the Fox movie.  I've gathered a few refrences but haven't started anything major yet.

10. Teen Skipper paper doll
I love the late 80's teen Skipper doll, she was my first Barbie.  So I plan on doing a paper doll of her.  Lots of reference, nothing drawn out yet.
Other Projects include: La Dee Da, Novi Stars, Takara Licca/Jenny, Moxie Teenz, Bratzillaz, and other doll line paper dolls.  Also want to do a Power Ranter paper doll or some sort, or Dressup/Maker.  Lastly, my co-worker Jenny has agreed to be my inspiration for a paper doll, I just love her style.  That's all I have planned but I'm sure that's enough to keep me busy for a while!

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