Monday, April 28, 2014


The latest issue of OPDAG Paper Doll Studios 108 Favorite Films is out.  And this is my entry, Thumbelina.  She is based on the Don Bluth film, which is now owned by 20th Century Fox.  The movie came out in 1994 and was a childhood favorite.  As a kid, I really wanted a Thumeblina paper doll because I loved her wedding gown and beetle costume.  I included many of the outfits from the film here.  I am currently working on one more page of clothing and a larger scale size of this doll.  I used Adobe Illustrator CS5.  Use double stick tape to attach the wings to the back of the doll.


  1. I had utterly forgotten about that movie... it was a fun one. I do love both the wedding dress and the beetle costume. I think the beetle one was my favorite from the film.

  2. This is great! I love Illustrator and I think this came out very nice... I'd love to see more dolls done in Illustrator.