Friday, March 31, 2017

Future Fashion

This month's theme for the paper doll collaboration project is Future Fashion.  I was very inspired by Retro future, like Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers and the Jetsons cartoon.  I love geometric shapes in futuristic designs. I image these outfits in metallic colors with bright neon accents, maybe holographic print. I designed the hair to look like it was floating, it would be some bright unconventional color, perhaps a galaxy purple?  My lines aren't as neat this month, I do not currently have access to my drawing tablet.

The doll and her outfits can be found here

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  1. love the crazy sleeves and the floaty hair! : D

  2. Space fashion....or Lady Gaga's wardrobe?! Either way, it's fun!

  3. How fun. I love the good.