Saturday, February 2, 2019

Collaborative Project 2019

How exciting, the first month of a new Paper Doll Collaborative Project! The doll base was drawn by Rachel Cohen of Paper Thin Personas and modified by me, Melissa Smith.  The first month's theme was something I chose, Trends of 2019.  In other words, things we predict will be trendy this year.  I don't keep up with fashion much, but I thought it might be fun topic of exploration.  The first outfit includes asymmetrical cut-outs, something I noticed late December in tops, and palazzo pants, something I never wear because I'm short.  Finishing the outfit are kitten heels.  The second outfit includes two trends I've noticed in tops, ruffled sleeves and crop tops.  Why not a combo of both for the new year?  And the pants are a dream, I want pockets to come back in style, lots of pockets like painter pants. I'm tired of pants without pockets! I paired them with some ankle boots (always trendy) Lastly is a trend featuring feathers, actually based on this top here, along with some skinny jean legging type pants.  Finished off with strapy heels.  For the hairstyles I went with classic styles that are always coming and going, such as a bob (with fringe earrings), naturally curly hair, and the short Mia Farrow type cut (accented with feather earrings). 

 Make sure to check out the other blogs/artist participating and see what great outfits and trends they have drawn!

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  1. you found such fun things to include! those palazzo pants are amazing! also love the multiple hairstyles! : D

  2. I love how you always draw so many pieces for these prompts. The extra wigs are especially nice.