Monday, February 25, 2013

A bit of Betsy

July 1951

 January 1952

March 1952

December 1954
Here's a few pages of Betsy McCall from McCall's magazine.  I have more which I will post.  There's even an Easter one here! Still scanning in paper dolls.  Yesterday I scanned in my Lana Turner set and forgot to scan one of the dolls! Lucky I noticed before I put the doll away and scanned her in this morning.  I also keep finding little hats around my printer, but I usually remember what set they go to. I am working on a set that I started for OPDAG's Baby and Children.  So far I have six pages, two colored, they include three dolls.  I plan on doing 2 more pages, and then coloring the rest of the set.

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