Sunday, February 24, 2013

Joan and Elaine

Here's Joan and Elaine, heavy 'wood' dolls.  I also have clothes for Edith and Patrica but do not have the dolls that go with them. I even had a dream about paper dolls, which probably means I've been scanning in sets too much.  I started coloring a set and plan on working on more projects.  Easter doll design is finished, she just needs to be colored.

I did a little research and this set is by Plat and Monk called Playtime dolls to cut out and dress The artist is Betty Sisson.

Description:vintage paper dolls
Name: Playtime Dolls  Date: 1942 Publisher:Plat and Monk
Artist:Betty Sisson
Format:scanned scrapbook pages
Condition: cut, missing dolls

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