Thursday, September 20, 2018

Inktober Prompts

October is just around the corner.  It's crazy how fast this month has gone!  So for Inktober I've decided to make my own fashion themed prompts for a paper doll.  Feel free to use these as well.

October 1: Underwear
October 2: Swimwear/Beach
October 3: Casual
October 4: School Uniform
October 5: Formal
October 6: PJs/sleepwear
October 7: Cosplay
October 8: Animal
October 9: Food
October 10: Hobby
October 11: Work/Occupation
October 12: Sport
October 13: Robot/Space
October 14: Fairy Tale Character
October 15: Pirate
October 16: Princess/Prince
October 17: Flower/Plant
October 18: Mythical Creature
October 19: Rocker/Celebrity
October 20: Angel/Demon
October 21: Time Period
October 22: Wedding
October 23: Magical Girl/Boy
October 24: Hogwarts/Witch/Wizard
October 25: Superhero
October 26: Element
October 27: Zodiac
October 28: Mermaid
October 29: Zombie
October 30: Vampire
October 31: FREE


  1. Hi Miss Missy! I'm following your blog for a long time and allow me to congratulate you. Your blog is amazing! About this project for inkctober... you suggest each one who wants participate has his own paper doll model or you intend to share a paper doll as model? thank you. Big hug

    1. The first day I will make a model doll. You are welcome to use it or make your own model

  2. I am also going to do Inktober, probably posting to Instagram. Do you have an Instagram feed? I've love to credit you if I use any of your prompts.

    1. I don't have an Instragram, something I've considered but busy enough with just the blog

  3. Hello again Miss Missy! I shared your challenge in my blog. I hope I can do the challenge every day during the month! :)

  4. This is the first time I've thought about doing Inktober, being more of a writer than an artist, but I was wondering if I could use your Easter doll from this year as the base for these?

    1. Do you mean the bunny one? As long as you give credit for the base, you may use it for the Inktober project. Look forward to seeing what you create

    2. This is where I'll be posting the Inktober pictures, if you want to see them.