Friday, September 28, 2018

Paper Doll Collaboration 2018 September Sports

Is it already the end of September!  This month has been crazy with two jobs and school.  Above is the outfits for this theme, which was Sports!  I'm not a sports person, I don't watch anything except football when I'm over at someones house or racing.  I choose my favorite sports in school.  I liked Tennis, Basketball (though I'm terrible at it cause I'm short) and karate/martial arts.  Working on a Halloween paper doll and preparing for inktober (two projects) and of course, working on school stuff (may post soon). 

Be sure to check out the other blogs participating in this collaboration project.



  1. Which one of us put sports on the list? We all hate sports!!

    1. Lol I think I suggested it! I recall my paper dolls as a kid always having a sports theme outfit

  2. I love the tennis outfit! Super cute.