Thursday, October 11, 2018

Inktober 10th and 11th

The last few days I have felt exhausted.  School has been going smoothly at least, but I'm lacking some serious energy.  So today I took off of work so I could get some rest!  Today's theme was Occupation/Work.  And I will admit, I'm lazy and uninspired at the moment, so the outfits I made were scrubs for nurse/doctor and a business suit.  I made them mix and match and I will be making more mix and match options.  As for yesterday's theme, Hobby I created a few other mix and match pieces.  Hobbies like painting with a smock and painters pants. An extra top is for train collecting but no bottoms.  They wouldn't fit on the page.   I also made two outfits, one for Doll collecting with a doll in hand and Barbie inspired print and Scrap booking with cute graphic top and photo print skirt.

In case you are curious the fonts I have been using on these pages are Spider and inkyflutterby both are from

My prompt list for the month can be found here.

More outfits

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