Sunday, October 28, 2018

Inktober 25 26 27

Still going!  October is almost over and I managed to keep up with this project so far. Day 25 was Super Heros.  I decided on a star theme.  The first hero is Atomic Star, a classic super hero.  Then the second is Star Dust, a more modern slightly sexy hero, and finally is Secret Star, a spy like super hero similar to Black Widow.  Some boots and a mask to complete the set. 
For  Day 26 elements theme I did a fire dress, a leaf/wood nature dress with bark corset, a periodic table of elements shirt, a pair of capris with clouds for wind, and a raincoat with rain print for water along with rain boots.
Day 27 was Zodiac so I included a dress with zodiac symbols, a shirt with the zodiac circle, a pencil skirt with the constellations and another top with the Libra symbol (I'm a Sagittarius but Libra seemed like the easiest to draw).  Also included is a Chinesese style dress called a cheongsam with the Chinese characters for the Chinese Zodiac (I traced these so they would be as accurate as possible), as well as a pair of baggy bell bottoms with stylized animals of the Chinese Zodiac.  Finally I'm not sure about the last dress because it's based on the Zodiac Killer symbols, might be considered tasteless but I feel like it would be something sold at Hot Topic around Halloween.  She also has a pair of slippers.

My prompt list for the month can be found here.

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